The Anjou Great Nature Park: Montreal has more than one site for a solar power plant

Montréal, July 11, 2018 – In response to the announcement of a solar power plant project in Montreal, the CRE insists on emphasizing that the citizens of the eastern portion of the island are in need of a green space and that the project for a Grand Parc-Nature d’Anjou, already in development, needs to be preserved.  The CRE-Montreal is very much in favour of sustainable development projects, but emphasizes that Montreal certainly has more than one site that can accommodate this plant for solar panels.

“Montreal needs sustainable development projects. It should not come down to a choice between either a green space or another clear air project. Choosing either/or would be abhorrent and counter-productive for the whole of Montreal. There are surely other locations in the city that could welcome this kind of plant without depriving the population living and working the East end of a rare and indispensable green breathing space. It behooves the city to find another location for the plant.” Insists Coralie Deny, executive director of CRE-Montréal.

Considering climate change, OURANOS (Innovation Cluster on Regional Climatology) predicts that within 20 years, the number of heatwave days will be up to around 40 per years, as compared to the dozen or so we currently experience annually. The need for natural air conditioners that these green spaces are, will become increasingly crucial in cities, to ensure and guarantee a better quality of life.

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